Editors Board

Honorary Editors

Dr. Toshio TOYOTA
Chief researcher
Japan Institute of Condition Diagnosis Technology, Japan

Dr. Jinji GAO
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Dr. Hisayoshi MATSUYAMA
Vice-president The Society of Plant Engineers Japan, Japan
Professor emeritus of Kyushu University, Japan


Dr. Peng CHEN
Professor and Chief researcher of Research Center of Security Technology for Industry and Social
Infrastructure, Mie University, Japan
1577 Kurimamachiya-cho,Tsu-shi, Mie-ken, 514-8507 Japan
TEL&FAX : 81-592319592, E-mail:chen@bio.mie-u.ac.jp

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Maria Q. Feng, University of California, USA
E-mail: mfeng@uci.edu

Prof. Dr. Tadao KAWAI, Osaka City University, Japan
E-mail: kawai@mech.eng.osaka-cu.ac.jp

Prof. Dr. Susumu OKUMURA,University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan
E-mail: okumura.s@usp.ac.jp

Prof. Dr.Lei Li,Faculty of Science and Engineering Hosei University,Japan

Prof. Dr. Huaqing WANG, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China
E-mail: hqwang@mail.buct.edu.cn

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Changzheng CHEN, Shenyang University of Technology, China

Dr. Liuyang Song, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Dr. Chongsheng. YUAN, DIAZYME Corporation, USA

Prof. Dr. Jin CHEN, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Prof. Dr. Fulei CHU, Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Dr. Lixin GAO, Beijing University of Technology, China

Prof. Dr. Jie HAN, Zhengzhou University, China

Prof. Dr. Niaoqing HU, National University of Defense Technology, China

Ms. Min HU, Agent Director, China Plant Engineering Editorial office

Prof. Dr. Jianping HU,Jiangsu University, China

Prof. Dr. Lixin LU, Jiangnan University, China

Prof. Dr. Hanping MAO, Jiangsu University, China

Dr. Tetsuro MITOMA, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Japan

Associate Prof. Hiromitsu OHTA, National Fisheries University, Japan

Dr. Noriaki SATONAGA, Showa Denko K.K., Japan

Prof. Dr. S. MASUDA, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof. Dr. Shiming WANG, Shanghai Ocean University, China

Prof. Dr. Taiyong WANG, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Dr. T.WAKABAYASHI,Kagawa University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Yelian MIAO,Nanjing University of Technology, China


Assistant Prof. Mitsushi YAMASHITA, Mie University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Xiaoli XU, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China

Prof. Dr. Yimin. SHAO, Chongqing University, China

Associate Prof. Dr. Zhongyong PAN,Jiangsu University, China

Prof. Dr. Yanyang ZI, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Ke LI, Jiangnan University, China

Dr. Rodrigo R.Pechon, Department of Agriculture,Bohol Agricultural Promotion Center,Philippines

Professor level senior engineer. Zhiqian DONG, China development investment company

Dr. Hongtao XUE, Jiangsu University, China

Prof.Dr.Zhongxing Li, Jiangsu University, China

Prof. Dr. RuqiangYAN, Southeast University, China

Secretariat Board

Zhaoyi Guan,MieUniversity,Japan(HEAD)

Zhiqiang Liao,MieUniversity,Japan(HEAD)

Dr. Hao SUN, Jiangnan University, China

Dr. Feng WANG, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

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