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Article Title The research on the workspace and singularity of the 3/3-RRRS parallel manipulator
Keywords Parallel Manipulator, Workspace Analysis, Singularity Analysis.
Abstract The workspace of manipulator can be defined as the operational area of the end effector. Because the moving platform of the parallel manipulator with six degree-of-freedom have six independence degree-of-freedoms, it means the workspace has six-dimensional, the six-dimensional workspace is difficult to be directly calculate and unable to graphic description. For the project of this article--3/3-RRRS parallel manipulator, this article will analyze the workspace of the manipulator in two cases. A discretization method is proposed for the computation of the reachable position/orientation workspace of the 3/3-RRRS parallel manipulator, respectively. Four examples of a 3/3-RRRS parallel manipulator are given to demonstrate these theoretical results. As a special position and inherent attributes of the mechanism, singularity has a serious impact on the mechanism’s motion control performance and drive performance. The method of searching algorithm in three-dimensional space is applied to the singularity analysis, coordinate of all possible stable positions are substituting into the Jacobian, position-singular points under given orientation condition are conformed.
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